Minimum Required for a Private Class

We require a minimum of 15 paid attendees for a private class, any less than 15 the event may be canceled.  


I love teaching home painting parties and I have weekdays and weekend dates available, both daytime and evenings.  My prices are per person and the costs vary depending on the location and the item you choose to paint:  Canoe Paddles, Handsaws or Stretched Canvases.

15337563_1732435063741840_4451783483002215113_nAll attendees paint the pre-selected design – with some individual expression to be expected.

On the event day I arrive at your location and provide all the necessary paints, brushes, easels, aprons, canvas and instruction. You are responsible to provide seating and adequate table space for the easels and pallets for each guest. Any snacks and beverages are up to you also.

Your guests learn a specific painting step by step—perhaps a local landscape or seasonal themed painting—and leave with their own work of art. I have a well regarded reputation as a “very patient” instructor!

You can contact me by email at:


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