Class Postponements & New To Go Kits:

These crazy times will pass and our lives will return to normal. I am focusing my new, free, time on creating a fresh portfolio of “To Go Kits” of my paintings for your enjoyment. Everything you need is included in the kit along with big 20″ pre-sketched canvases. 

Get the kit details here: 

I’ll keep posting my new available creations. Will you do me a favor? Please comment on my posts, share with friends and family and let me know what new designs you’re interested in! Of course, let me know how you are doing as well!

My personal email is:    Feel free to ask any questions and keep in touch!

Bye-bye for now. Stay safe, see you all soon!


New watermark aqua










































Click here to see my schedule and register for classes:

Seats are only reserved after payment is received. You will be emailed a receipt from, that is your ticket.  Bring your ticket for admission to class. 

Late arrivals are a disruption to class and will not be accommodated. Plan to arrive ahead of the scheduled class time to select your canvas and seat.   All my winter classes have snow dates!  I will post on facebook if we postpone a class due to weather.  “No-shows” and late cancellations (less than 48 hours advance notice) will NOT receive a refund. 

Parents MUST remain on site with any painter under age 16.   Classes at venues which serve alcohol are age 21+ ONLY.    NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Questions? Email me at;



2 thoughts on “Class Postponements & New To Go Kits:

  1. Ramona Lacey-Gonzalez says:

    Lynette, will you let me know if you received the payment for your Feb 16 class in Watertown? I still struggle sing PayPal.


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