Classes Postponed and “To Go” Kits


These crazy times will pass and our lives will return to normal. I am focusing my new, free, time on creating a portfolio of “To Go Kits” of my paintings for your enjoyment. Each week I have at least one new kit. The kits include everything you need for supplies plus a big 20″ presketched canvas. 

Get all the details at:

In the interim, I’ll keep posting my new creations. Will you do me a favor? Please comment on my posts, share with friends and family and let me know what new designs you’re interested in! Of course, let me know how you are doing as well!

My personal email is:    Feel free to ask any questions and keep in touch!  Bye-bye for now. Stay safe, see you all soon!



I’ll be offering these canvases when life normalizes:

(5-3) May 3 Sip & Paint “Little Retro Camper

Sip and Paint my “Little Retro Camper” on May 3rd at Main Street Crafts & Drafts in Sackets Harbor. Class starts PROMPTLY at 12:45. Arrive BEFORE 12:30 and I will buy your first drink! Age 21+ only, tickets required, no walk-ins, no late arrivals, NO exceptions.


Cosmic Butterfly - compositeSip & Paint Fundraiser for the Oxbow Fire Dept. May 16. We will paint my Luna Moth Butterfly as a fundraiser for the department. Tickets available from Oxbow Fire Department and Auxiliary Members only.  Advance purchase tickets required. NO walk-ins and NO pay-at-the door. Message me to be put in touch with a volunteer selling tickets.  Class begins promptly at 2:00, arrive early to select your seat and canvas.  

(5-23) May 23rd Paint Lilacs & your Favorite Books at Mannsville Library

Paint Lilacs & your favorite books at Mannsville Library May 23rd Class starts promptly at 10:45 and lasts two hours. Tickets required. $45 per painter includes a donation to the Library. No walk-ins.


Lavender Festival Classes on July 4th:

July 4th 11:00 class: “Lilac Wine Goblet” Festival Special – $25 per goblet

Paint a Pier One high quality 20 ounce wine goblet with Lilacs. Class starts promptly at 11:00 on July 4th. This is a 50 minute class.


Butterfly, Bee & Lavender Sprigs To Go Kit for TWO painters

Butterfly, Bee & Lavender Sprigs To Go Kit for TWO painters on a solid white background.


July 4th 2:00 class: Hopenhagen Lavender Farm – Landscape with Wind Turbines (turbines optional)

Hopenhagen Lavender Landscape with Wind Turbines. Class begins promptly at 2:00 – July 4th during the Hopenhagen Lavender Festival. This is a two hour class. The wind turbines in the local landscape are optional.





















  • Seats are only reserved after payment is received. 
  • After you pay you’ll be emailed a receipt, that’s your ticket. 
  • Bring your ticket to class. 
  • “No-shows” and late cancellations take seats from others.
  • Refunds with 48 hours advance notice. 
  • All classes are age 21+.   NO exceptions.   
  • Late arrivals disrupt class and will not be accommodated.