Portfolio of Classes Available

“Sip & Paint with Lynette” classes start at $45 per person and a few things are higher including:  my chalkboard canvases,  my white-washed wood-grain canvases,  real birch bark,  solid hardwood canoe paddles and handsaws.   

ALL of  my canvases are pre-sketched on BIG 18″ canvases in advance for you! There may be painting instructors with lower fees, but please research their painters results online and then compare what you find to my painter’s results below.

bird house


Cardinal at Dianes 2

FB Header


Heron Hill tasting event 1


Fort Drum

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I arrive at your location and provide all the paints, brushes, easels, aprons, canvas and two hours of instruction. You provide seating and table space for guests. Any snacks and beverages are your responsibility.

My canvases are ALWAYS pre-sketched for you and many of my paintings are offered on faux wood grain canvas (that I also prepare in advance) so my painters get right to the fun part of painting without the stress.  

I do not accept walk-ins or late registrations and classes need to begin at the agreed upon time.  require a minimum of fifteen paid attendees and a FIRM headcount three days prior to the event to allow time to prepare and pre-sketch the canvases. 

Please note that all my paintings  are only available at Sip & Paint with Lynette classes.  I never allow other instructors to use my designs.

Email me at:    PaintwithLynette@yahoo.com   to discuss your event.

Hydrangea on wood panel 1b

Lyn 2


Apple blossom Cardinal 4

Love You to the Moon and Back

Pumpkin stack wood

Garden house 2a

Hocus-Pocus-Witches 4a

Sanderson Sisters

Hocus Pocus Binx 5


Holstein cowIcy pond 1Boots 3Sunset Deer 2Pansy watercolour 1


Bethlehem Angel

Spooky Pumpkin

chicken 4

Fresh Eggs on blue woodgrainPlant Lavender FINAL - new

Moonlite Swing

Redhead Duck

Canoe Paddle - 3a

GlassesLavender Glasses

Hydrangea on wood panel 4a

Apple blossom Cardinal 5

Hydrangea on wood panel 3


Apple blossom Cardinal 3

Calla lily 3a

Pitcher - blue

snowy valley 2 choice

snowy valley 2 choice 3

Cardinal on grey barnboard canvas 2a

Deer antlers on wood

Denim Deer camp2

Reindeer chalkboard canvas 1

Autumn Antlers Lavender

Sunflower 4 ways solo

Sunflower 4 ways2

antlers 4



Autumn Cardinal - final 3

Loon 7

pumpkin bittersweet 4

Sunset Lab 2

Great Blue Heron 1

Lavender Meadow 3

Canoe Paddle 4


CanoePaddle 3

Blue Loons


Couples Deer 0Couples Deer 00

SNOWY deer blue 3

Northern Lights Deer 1 - Copy

Blue Moon Deer - Copy

Heron chalkboard orange

Starlit Buck chalkboard

Heron chalkboard yellow

Lab chalkboard 1



Hydrangeas&Butterflies (1)



Lighthouse at White Caps 1


Sunset Cowboy 1b

pumpkin bittersweet 2



Plant Lavender FINAL no lettering

Loon 5


Lily of the Valley - final 2

lilac alternative 5

Lilac double final

Deer and the Morning Stars 3

Sunset Cowboy 1c


Alzheimers Lab 2

lav class 2

spencer 3